***  PAYING ON LINE VIA PAYPAL *** 

Clients of MACaid, Inc. (including Marrowstone Wireless) receive invoices that can now be paid on-line if you have a PayPal account (besides the normal “snail mail a check” that I love to go to the post office for)...

After receiving your invoice, log into your PayPal account, select the Money tab and on the screen that appears click on the “Send or request money” line. On the next screen choose the “Send to friends and family” box. Enter my email address (shown above right next to my photo) and click next... On this screen enter the payment amount from the invoice you are paying and also add a note of which invoice you are paying. Click Continue to finish up the transaction.

PayPal will remember the transaction making it easier next time to pay. No fees apply!

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“We do best when we help

  others do better.”

      — D. Brader, 1993

MACaid, Inc.         a quick Intro...


If you live on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state and own a Macintosh computer you have probably heard about MACaid and may even have used our services.

MACaid was started in the Historic Victorian Seaport of Port Townsend around 1992. Offering MACaid quality service in both hardware and software. Starting in 2015 work effort has shifted from computer service to Internet distribution. Another tradename was registered as a doing business as or DBA. Marrowstone Wireless

MACaid, Inc. dba Marrowstone Wireless has focused on the delivery of broadband Internet via radio and Fiber To The Home (FTTH) to Marrowstone Island homes. We have over 250 clients on line as of January 2022 and continue to grow.

Regards, David G. Brader, President

MACaid, Inc does more than just service Macintosh systems including off-site business backups, restore services, recovery and special networking services and consulting.

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